SMALL BUT DOABLE. These are the smallest of the Thai Watermelons we rescued, and these are the smallest of the Green Mangoes. When our group rescues, we take all because that is after all the point and essence of it. To leave the oversized or undersize fruits does not help the farmer. It actually makes the situation worse because what remains, with the “good” part of the harvest taken, is glaringly unattractive to potential buyers. “Pang-kain na lang” the farmers call it, or “Pamigay sa mga tumulong”. There is no money in that for the farmer, we do not do that to the farmers.

Right now, we’re asking you to also take the small Watermelons and small Mangoes from our ongoing Rescue Buys. It’s 3 kilos Watermelons plus 2 kilos Mangoes, for a total of 5 kilos, for a price of P225.

If our explanation of the situation makes sense, if the price makes sense, please will you buy into “the point and essence” of truly helping these farmers? The taste and the feeling will be sweet, that is our promise.

THAI WATERMELON AND MANGO. We are hoping to dispatch the ‘runts of the harvest”, fruits that only their RuRi will love. Please will you give P225 and in exchange get 5 kilos of small but good fruit?

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