COURAGE ORANGES IN A BAYONG. We arrived late at the Nueva Vizcaya Agricultural Terminal (NVAT), a place where produce from surrounding provinces land. It is the back area of this place that has become infamous during this pandemic, the dumping ground of tons of unsold produce. Mountains of rotting tomatoes, surely you have seen the pictures. While we were very excited to meet some of our farmers there, we quickly became sad to see crates and crates of unsold oranges, bags of leeks, rotting on the wayside. We did not even have to go to the back part. Back in Manila and only yesterday, our members were virtually fighting for the few Sagada oranges we had!

It’s late evening now, we made it to the farm to see what oranges we can save from a similar fate—and what do we find there? Big, freshly-harvested Valencia oranges with no owners found, not yet. Never mind that there was a power outage, in the flashlights of our phones, to our unbelieving eyes, they were very beautiful. Valencia oranges, close cousin to the much-beloved Navels, we took them all—1 ton!—with courage in our hearts.

We plan to stay 2 more days here in Nueva Vizcaya to lock in our Growth Buy arrangements with the farmers for the next year, but these oranges will go ahead tomorrow on a rented truck. We won’t be there to dispatch and we need to take this much so we can help. Between Ailah in Baguio and Jomari in Manila, I think they can be dispatched naman smoothly to you members and failing that, offer them privately to our institutional buyers. Please get some Valencias? They are wonderful now, perfect if you wait until Christmas. Do help yourselves to these kilos but please help Ailah and Jomari by following the instructions.

Dear members, if you are good with this, we are able to make it cheaper too—the farmers were happy to give us a small discount. Not 2,000, pay 1,800 only!—and we’ll throw in a newly-woven pandan leaf bayong to also help the weavers of Louisiana, Laguna.

So let’s do it! GROUP BUY: VALENCIA ORANGES — 10kg, 1,800, with free bayong

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