We have AUTHENTIC TARLAC TAMALES! Freshly made in Tarlac this morning, rode on Beto back to RuRi House with the lemons and Nuno Eggs.

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FAMILY HEIRLOOM RECIPE TAMALES. It really makes my day here to have Tamales, and I know now that a lot of members share the same experience. The reason we stopped ordering was that we wanted to give Remedios a bit of rest from a week of daily bulk orders. Before Rural Rising she made a couple of dozen Tamales, every other day, that was it. When we “discovered” her, she made for us 100, and one time 200 Tamales, a day. We asked her to send us a video of her process so we can talk about it and Waah! we saw that she uses a small pan and cooks over a wood-fired stove. She wakes up at 4AM in order to meet our deadline, she must be cooking all morning and wrapping all afternoon. Remedios is not complaining. She says she is “inspired” and thankful for the orders. What a kindly woman, Remedios. You only need to listen to her voice to know it. Remedios learned the art of making Tamales from her mother, and her mother from her own mother. A tried and tested Kapampangan family recipe, you can call these Heirloom Recipe Tamales.

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