GIVE ME MELONS OR GIVE ME DEATH. Remember Israfel, our nephew who’s gotten into the RuRi spirit? He’s back trying to sell us on helping a Moncada, Tarlac MELON farmer.
“May warranty bang kasama ang melons na yan?” Andie asked him.
“Yes Tita, mamatay man.”
Between our young entrepreneur’s pluck and confidence, and the video he sent of himself slurping on a slice of melon, how could you not get some melons?
Read the back story:
NEXTGEN RISING. Our brother Ben’s son Israfel has become so inspired with what we are doing that he took it upon himself to find Tarlac farmers that he can help. In his pickup truck, he sought out a sweet melon grower in Moncada and using his own money, bought him out. The farmer was expecting around a ton of melons from his small farm but torrential rain drowned the field. About a third of the expected harvest, some 300 kilos, were not fit to sell (Class C). Ira felt such compassion for the man that he paid him ten pesos more per kilo for the Class A melons than the price they agreed.
“Sana ata kinuha na rin natin yung Class C, anak. Baka pwede ito i-drop bukas sa Community Pantries,” I wondered out loud, thinking to teach him something about efficiency.
Instead it was he who taught me. “Hindi po, Tito.” He said. “Dinagdagan ko po ang bayad para makabili siya ng plastic bag at gatas. Sabi ko gawa siya ng ice candy para makabawi siya ng konti.”
Ira just turned 18. The next generation of Rural Rising is looking very promising.
SNAP BUY ISRAFEL MELONS. Get some sweet melons please and see why Israfel is willing to bet his life on them. P500 gives you 5 kilos of what he claims are some very sweet melons.

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