WE ARE SO VERY SORRY. This morning we are coming to you in all humbleness for Suha Batch # 2, and to beg forgiveness for us and for the farmers. They made a mistake of putting in a few pieces of Suha that fell to the ground. They should never have but “nanghihinayang” daw sila. Siguro sa kagustuhan nilang kumita, but that is never an excuse. We said no harsh words, we merely echoed the disappointment. To atone for this mistake, the farmers sent us 100 kilos of Suha which we shall send to members who messaged us their disappointment, which we shall still pay to the farmers.

This morning we also come to you with much confidence for this SUHA BATCH # 3. RED, red, nothing but red only. Walang white. Sweet, becomes sweeter with the days. The farmers guarantee it, our man in Bayombong opened a suha from random sacks and not just from the top but took Suha from the middle and bottom, and he guarantees it. We had Tess at RuRi North open some, she guarantees. This is why WE ARE CONFIDENT. We guarantee if the Suha is not red, we shall REFUND your money, that’s the way we’ll do it. Please a few days for the Suha to get really sweet, that’s the way of Suha. Will you trust us and the farmers again?

Back read the story:

BURNING THE MIDNIGHT CHANDLER. Very late in the evening, this farmer offered us “Red Sander, matamis”. It took me a few full moments to work out that he was referring to the sweet variety of SUHA called the RED CHANDLER. I said we’ll take 200 kilos but after seeing the video he sent, I said “Gawin mo nang 300 kilos”.. The farmer had 500 kilos but I want to be cautious. Why do I have this nagging feeling right now that I’ll regret not taking the other 200 kilos, that these things will be as good as advertised, and the members won’t get enough of it.

RED AND PINK CHANDLER SNAP BUY. This is a Midnight Snap Buy for Red and Pink Chandler Pomelos. If you give P349, your share will be 5 heavy kilos. Enjoy!

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