DUPAX TEA PARTY. One of our best discoveries in Dupax, Nueva Vizcaya is this — ORGANIC STEVIA. It’s the stuff of dreams, one of Mother Nature’s most surprising creations. If you had this, you will not be putting sugar into your tea or juice. We liked it so much that we took 100 pots on the spot from our new friend, a most affable Kankanaey farmer. How generous of him, the Stevia plants he’s giving us are three or four stalks to the pot, perhaps even more. Transfer them immediately but carefully, and do what you can to make them thrive and they’ll give you all the healthy sugar you need, for life. Recreate the lovely and unforgettable lemon grass tea we had there on the foggy mountainside farm of Dupax, with this STEVIA and MINT. Click here __

BOGO STEVIA AND MINT POT. No wonder why the sweetness so surprised Andie. Stevia has about 50 to 300 times the sweetness of sugar and because the human body does not metabolize the glycosides in stevia, it contains zero calories. We looking for Rural Rising members to get a a potting bag of Stevia and a potting bag of Mint, pay only P999. We shall endeavor , but not promise, to include some Lemon Grass in there.

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