YAS SIBUYAS. On way back from Camp Mingan in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija, we stopped to talk to some farmers harvesting onions in a field. We ended up buying 300 kilos and those 300 kilos got sold to a single private buyer before we crossed the provincial border. That’s our first clue that an Onion Rescue Buy would be feasible. The next clue was when we posted the video of our little chat with Jerry Madronio (that’s his name) and asked members if we would like to do onions, we got a slew of responses. It must be his very friendly manner. It must be the fact that his whole family was working out there in the hot field with him—wife, daughter and nephews—making a living. It’s good, honest people like this that evoke such respect. I guess this is what you see, that there are so many comments asking to buy onions from Jerry. Surely we can help him and all the other onion farmers in that area. Well today, Jerry called that he has a new crop of onions, first class, and you know what we’re going to do. We have the L-300 here in Camp Mingan, we’ll send it back to RuRi House with Jerry’s onions.

We are looking for 100 members to give Jerry and his family a good return for their hard work to grow these onions. Will you support this by giving P500 and we’ll give you 5 kilos of freshly-harvested onions? Founder members get 1 kilo of the smaller, tastiers onions called “Pickles”.

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