ITLOG SA PUNSO. We claim these to be the BEST salted eggs that you will ever taste indoor life. These are the intriguingly-named ITLOG SA PUNSO, a play on Nuno sa Punso , that dwarf-like nature spirit in Philippine mythology who is believed to live in an anthill. In the provinces, grandparents caution the children to be exceedingly polite around ponsos lest they earn the ire of the resident Nuno. We use the rich, pure earth from these same giant anthills to make the salty mud bath that ferment these eggs for a full seventeen days. This already gives you a clue as to why these eggs are exceedingly extraordinary. We are able use terms like “mantekado delicious” and “oily umami” to describe the dreamy quality of each egg that comes out of this little-known process. Pasintabi po ulit—these are the BEST salted eggs that you will ever taste in your life.
This is an effort to help the duck farmers in Nueva Ecija and Laguna. We have 15 trays of ITLOG SA PUNSO now, ready for pickup here at RuRI House.
GROUP BUY: ITLOG SA PUNSO. We are looking for 16 members to buy 1 tray of extraordinary salted eggs and pay only P620.

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