NUNO AT NOON. If missed getting the Nuno Eggs, naunahan kayo, now is your chance. It’s a Sunday morning, people must still be sleeping or at TV Holy Mass. Sneak in there and grab a tray of Nuno Eggs. Two, if you want, because you can. 20 trays coming, we’ll keep one for ourselves while we can, 19 trays available.

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Why do we call these things Nuno Eggs? That’s because the farmer who makes this uses soil chipped off anthills. None purer than this. Either the spirit of the Nuno believed to be living in these anthills or the essence of these hardy insects, these eggs are endowed with special taste like no other. What is better than Nuno Eggs or eggs made from the the pure earth of anthill? Why, Nuno Eggs that were made especially mantekado. It took a month to get this right. The farmer said he needed continuously hot weather in order for the salted eggs to become like this. When it’s always raining, the weather is cooler and the yolks tend to harden. Looking at these pictures, the weather worked with him to make these.

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