ANG PUNO’T DULO NG NUNO. Three days ago we off-roaded to a place called Dulong Ilog and met a young farmer who, like our Penaranda farmer, makes Salted Eggs from pure Nuno earth. We were pleased that he uses eggs from his own ducks which means he controls what they eat. Like Penaranda, he prefers pure Nuno Earth to give the eggs a distinct UMAMI taste. He has so much pride in his product and he reason to be because when we opened ten random eggs, every single one was mantekado, albeit in varying degrees. Meeting him and seeing his farm gives us so much confidence to offer NUNO EGGS. He guarantees his eggs, pag hindi mantekado, he promises to REPLACE. On our part, we guarantee to give you 2 KG RESCUE TOMATOES if you give your support to this new Nuno Egg farmer. Please help. This effort will allow us to continue helping the TOMATO farmers of Nueva Vizcaya.

KANINO NUNO EGGS? We have 100 trays and 200 kilos of Tomatoes. Who wants them please? The price is the same price, P699. Click here

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