NEW NUNOS NOW. The well-loved, oft-out-of-stock NUNO EGGS are back. We needed to wait 17 days for them to be ready. Why did it feel like it was longer than that? They’re here now at RuRI House. If this is your first time to hear about Nuno Eggs, your first question might be “Why are they called that?” You’ll understand if we tell you that the farmers use pure earth chipped from anthills (the “ponso” in Nuno sa Punso). Mixed with water and rock salt, this is the immersing agent for the duck eggs. Old folks believe that to disrespect the mythical old man living in the puns would earn his ire. What we believe is that these eggs taste like Magic. Try these Nuno Eggs if only to claim that you have had “Nuno Eggs”. Give some to friends and tell them this story if they ask or wonder why these eggs are extra-ordinarily delicious.
We have 8 trays, that’s all we have. If you miss this, it’s another 17 days to wait.
SNAP BUY: NUNO EGGS. We are looking for 10 Rural Rising members to take a tray of Nuno Eggs, 30 pieces on it, pay only P599.

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