SURVIVOR PEARS. How happy we are to learn that some PEARS have survived that terrible onslaught on the trees. Good news indeed.

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UNPEAR. It’s really not fair. This Sagada farmer was set to harvest her delicate Asian Brown Pears this July. She was right on the money, and suddenly there is no money. Several hundred kilos down the drain, literally. We were waiting for these pears the whole year. One member was so excited to make her yearly gift of Local Pears in Light Syrup for friends and family. This makes her really sad. #TyphoonEgay really made sure that we would not have any pears this year. The towns of Sagada, Besao and Bauko, we would be lucky to put together a few kilos from what remains on the trees.

SAGADA PEAR SNAP BUY. The hopeful farmers of Sagada, Mountain Province would like to seal their surviving Pears to you. Who would like to get some? If you give P499, your share shall be 3 kilos. Only 25 members can avail.

Important Info:

1 It’s P499

2 Order link

3 Dispatch date TBA

4 Join the Viber Channel for updates

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