CROP CIRCLES AND RIDER HEROES. You’ve heard of crop circles, mysterious patterns on corn or wheat fields that are often attributed to Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOS). Right here in the Philippines, right now, we have our own crop circles. Perfectly good produce that our farmers are unable to sell anywhere, dumped on the ground. What a waste of food, pity the poor farmers. We are receiving the first of these pictures. Here’s one in Ambaguio town in Nueva Vizcaya. The farmer who dumped these tomatoes, her name is Junia Naabus. There will only be more crop circles—especially tomatoes and broccoli—and more farmers like Junia as the over-production really takes hold in the countrysides.

So what happened morning was that I came through the gate to discover a rider and Jomarie arguing in increasingly agitated voices. I intervened and found out that the issue was really how the normally placid Jomarie spoke and how the rider answered. Two people feeling tired and being irritable. That got fixed—the rider came away with a bag of corn for his family and we allowed Jomarie to take it easy until lunch. This encounter showed us what difficult jobs our riders have, heroes who are virtually the blood that circulates commerce during this pandemic while most of us are safe indoors. We have this idea to give the riders something to make them look forward to coming to RuRi House and to help the farmers in the process.

What Andie and I would like to do is to declare next Thursday, March 4, 2020, as RIDER HERO DAY. Introducing the RIDER HERO CRATE. What’s inside? For you, 10kg of freshly harvested Rescue Tomatoes and 5 kg of freshly-harvested broccoli. Pay only P530. For every Rider Crate you buy, we shall give your rider OR DRIVER 2 kg of freshly-harvested tomatoes and 1 kg of freshly harvested broccoli. Again, pay only P550. The P30 extra goes to the double packing.

GROUP BUY: RIDER HERO CRATE. We are looking for 50 members to buy a total of 12 kilos of tomatoes and 6 kilos of broccoli and pay only P550.

What you need to do to help:
1 Pay the amount above using any of the payment methods below
2 Upload your Proof of Payment here
3 Comment on this thread with your Order Number.

* Founder members get a sprig of Tsaang Gubat
* Become a Founder Member here join.ruralrisingph.com
* Should you fail to claim item and it spoils in storage, your payment will not be refunded

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