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It’s a sign of the difficult times when rare and normally expensive produce are offered at a bargain for lack of buyers. We’ve seen that last week with cherry tomatoes, red lettuce, spinach and many other produce. This week a RED POTATO farmer came in to ask for help. The reason, yep, you guessed it. We are happy to do. Grab the chance to try the creamy Red Potato. Red potatoes are excellent for boiling, steaming, pan frying and using in salads.

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RED AND GORGEOUS REDSEN. What a lucky discovery this is, we feel so pleased to offer this to the group. Canadian Redsen variety RED POTATOES, grown locally by a single Benguet farmer. This is rare. It’s like Canada being transplanted in the highlands of the Philippines, but that’s exactly what this is. This young farmer had the luck to travel to Canada, all expenses paid by a local company. For most people, the trip is the opportunity of a lifetime. For this young enterprising farmer, the arrival back home is the real opportunity. Because in his bags he took home a can of Redsen potato seeds. The moment he got to his farm, he set about growing his first crop. This is the one. If our members like this, we shall surely get more. We asked him how his red potatoes are different from regular potatoes and he has only this to say “Nananam sobra!” (or sobrang malinamnam). We shall take his words for it.

SNAP BUY RED POTATOES. We are asking support for our Red Potato farmer. Pay only P360 for 4 kilos.

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