RED CABBAGE RESCUE BUY. We are starting to see a glut of cabbages in Benguet. It’s looking like we shall be doing a Rescue Buy soon, perhaps as early as next week. But this week, we would like to help farmer Kyth Baybay with his RED CABBAGES. Some of you members who were already members this time last year, you already know Kyth. He is that Sagada farmer who was looking for a wife. We are not sure if he did already, no thanks to us, but we are sure he needs some help with his cabbages all over again.
Back read the story:
“What can you tell us about him?” we asked, and this is the text that came back about him. “Si kyth Baybay is hardworking and had been farming vegetables for 6 years pero hindi pa nakaranas na tumama. He is 29 years old, single and hoping na pag makabenta sa produce niya maski pa kunti kunti at makaipon ng pera ay baka pwede na syang mag asawa. Hahaha, yan naman ang masabi.” We laughed, and then we stopped laughing when the text continued. “Our red cabbage farmer is pleading for you to buy his produce before they rot in the garden. Big red cabbages and he is bargaining them para lang lumabas yong gastos niya. Please lets sell his red cabbages.” No, we won’t try to find Kyth a wife, he will have to do that on his own. But yes, we’ll find buyers for his cabbages. This one story, this one of about Kyth, it will have a happy ending.

RED CABBAGE RESCUE BUY. We are looking for 10 Rural Rising Members to get 3 kilos of Red Cabbages and pay only P550 organic. Guaranteed fresh. Buy with confidence, enjoy to your full satisfaction.
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