We don’t know how they do it but our pickers were able to gather 20 kilos of Wild Raspberries today. We hope you’re liking them Raspberries because we sure like helping them pickers. At some point the supply of Wild Raspberries will run out, it may be tomorrow or it may be next week, so don’t hesitate every time this is on offer.

Click here https://bit.ly/Raspberries-RRPH

Back read the story:

HINDI HINOG SAPINIT. It’s one of those things that make your heart beat fast. A farmer from Quezon provonce found our number and asked if we also buy BERRIES. Hindi po namin alam ang tawag. Pula po siya, kumpol-kumpol. Matamis po siya.” We asked him to send us a picture via Messenger and these are what he sent us. Mmm

“Kinakain lang po ng mga kambing at ibon dito ser. Papatayin na sana namin kasi po magtatanim kami ng gulay. Nagkalat sa dalawang ektaryang lupa.”

Are they crazy? Those are WILD RASPBERRIES, locally called “Sapinit”. We have been looking and looking for these! We last got a taste of this in Sagada years ago, and these are very rare, almost impossible to get there already.

“No, no, no, no!” We almost exclaimed. “Wag ninyo saktan ang mga halaman. Ilang kilo meron kayo?”

“Hanggang 30 kilos po.” Came the reply.

Tomorrow early morning, Andie and I shall forfeit sleep and travel to Quezon to meet these farmers and see the berries with our own eyes. It’s really a miracle why they have Raspberry bushes growing there. We would like to find out how. If it were true, we already know that these farmers have something that could change their lives. If Rural Rising can give them a market for their Raspberries, they would be encouraged to propagate them instead of vegetables. We are so excited for the farmers, we are so excited for this Discovery Trip! Who wants to be part of this trip?

“Meron din po kaming konting blueberry.” OMG, Susmaryosep. We are coming!

Proudly, Ruri we have more Wild Raspberries. This helps a growing number of pickers that are hopeful to make income during this short Raspberry season. Click here https://bit.ly/Raspberries-RRPH

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