Available again! YOUNG AND SHY PUMPKIN SALE. All the farmers who helped us grow these get an unexpected bonus with this sale because we shall split the proceeds with them.

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YOUNG AND SHY PUMPKINS. You are probably seeing that we have employed half a dozen farmers at Camp Mingan to grow some kalabasas. This is mainly for us to test an idea for giving farmers a daily wage (employment) and then giving them a share of the income when the harvest is sold (profit sharing). We’re crafting an article on our and their experience. This is also a lead-up when the Founder Members who have accepted our invitation of membership at Camp Mingan to cultivate the 50 square meter of mountain land that we have assigned to each of them. These same farmers will be assisting them grow a crop. So yesterday morning, we decided that we’ve learned enough about pumpkin growing and initiated a pre-mature harvest. We see our farmers were shaking their heads at our decision to not wait, sayang daw. Obviously the heavier the better because you sell pumpkins by weight, not size. Sans their incredulity we pulled the kalabasas from the field never mind that they are three weeks shy, they are twice delicious.

We are looking for members who would like to try these, our own harvest of kalabasas from the slopes of Mt. Mingan in Camp Mingan, Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija. Give P599 and we shall give you 20 kilos of these incredibly young, incredibly delicious pumpkins. If you are a Founder Member, you get one large mature pumpkins. Our farmers get half of the proceeds as their bonus for helping us grow these beauties.

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