SUNTOK SA BUWAN, SAKIT SA SIKMURA. Some potato farmers from Buguias, Benguet are pleading, praying with us to buy their potatoes. They are at the Trading Post in La Trinidad right now with 2.3 tons of potatoes and the best price they can get is P10 ~ P15 per kilo. These are the large ones. Their desperate messages to us say things like “pa rescue po” and “Kayo na lang po sir pagasa namin”. The Trading Post is just 5 kilometers away from where we are sitting, we can easily tell them to turn on the engine in their vehicle and bring the produce here in 20 minutes. The truck to Manila (Night Rider) is leaving tonight and the produce can be in RuRI House and RuRi South by morning. We have all the elements needed to help them BUT WE CANNOT HELP! We have already bought our potatoes for the Canasta Basicas from other farmers. There is no ongoing campaign for Potatoes right now, and frankly we are right now so engrossed/stressed in the Kabayan Calamity Rescue for pigs. We have nowhere for the potatoes to go. We cannot do a Rescue Buy this urgent. What a pain in the gut this is, to have and not have the ability to help.

We can only try. Will you buy these potatoes if we price them at 50% the price we last sold them to you? P50 na lang per kilo. Last week, it was P100 for you. We shall pay these farmers double the price they can get from the Trading Post, and we shall sell them at half price to you. Will you help if those were the conditions?

URGENT RESCUE BUY: POTATOES. We are looking for as many Rural Rising members to save these distressed young farmers with P800. We shall give you 20 kilos of potatoes for doing so.

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