We are happy to offer 62 kilos of PILI NUTS to our members. Cook the nut in caramel. Dip the covering flesh in bagoong na isda and eat with rice. If you don’t believe us, do look it up. Do enjoy 2 kilos for just P250. Click here

Back read a Pili Nut story:

ANG IROG NG MAISOG. We made a surprise discovery on our trip to San Lorenzo Ruiz town, in Camarines Norte, in the village of Maisog. We travelled for pineapples, found them. We also found PILI. Stately trees oozing fragrant sap, branches heavy with oblong nuts, towering over the pineapples. The 50 kilos sold out in short order. We are happy to come back to Maisog to get more, now that Pili is in season again. We’ll get the Pili Nuts, husked. The skin is a delicious delicacy, the nuts you can cook in sugar and butter and make an unforgettable brittle.

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