We’d like to help him again.

PLEASE WILL YOU EAT MORE PAPAYAS THIS WEEK? We are coming to you with the plea and prayer of a very worried farmer who has found himself in a dire situation in Caloocan City. He was enticed to bring 2 tons of PAPAYA from Alfonso Castaneda town, Nueva Vizcaya by a “buyer” who is no longer to be found. He put his trust on a stranger’s promise and all his papayas in his vehicle. Look how stressed he is, our poor farmer. We doubt our ability to take two tons today on such short notice but we shall try. We’ll send this message out to all our members, email them to everyone we know and try to pull a miracle that will save this man today. His name is Gerald. His papayas are the RED LADY variety. Please will you eat more papayas this week?

RED LADY PAPAYAS — P220 for 4 kilos

Helps Alfonso Castaneda, Nueva Vizcaya farmers

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