THE GYPSY PAPAYA FARMERS OF GUINAYANGAN. We are wiring this on behalf of a group of brave PAPAYA farmers that are trying to help themselves. They are not relying on anyone for dole-outs, they are hoping only not he fruits of hard work. These are the Papaya farmers from Guinayangan, Quezon. Every week, this group pools their money to hire a jeepney and load it with as much Papaya as it can carry, and take it as far as it’s allowed. They are lucky to be able to reach the Pasig City Public Market, 250 kilometres away. They can only sell so much retail and stay so long until the jeep rentals starts costing more then the profit. They are forced togo, all papayas sold or not. Their hope is to sell their papayas in the towns that string their route back to Guinayangan. They make brief stops at the towns of Imus in Cavite, in the Batangas town of Sto. Tomas, and in the Quezon towns of Lucena and Sariaya in an effort to sell everything. So many towns, so many buyers’ hands that pinched and poked their papayas, they say that no matter what they do they always end up with 400 kilos of papayas, bruised and unsold. Every trip is a loss, and it has been this way for months. Yesterday, they messaged again. Please can we take some Papaya, they are coming this weekend. I almost told them that we are getting Papayas from Baler, I am happy I did not.

“Sige, 800 kilos.” I said.

The sigh on the other end was a sigh of grateful relief. I wish we could really take more.

GYPSY PAPAYA RESCUE BUY. We are seeking your kind support for a group of farmers we refer to as the Gypsy Farmers of Guinayangan. If they are able to sell these 800 kilos, their jeep will come home empty for once.

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