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THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILEN. These farmers are having a devil of a time finding buyers for their PAPAYA. It’s not just the pandemic that is killing their livelihood but the oppresive price of fuel these days. Papaya is less in demand with the closing of restaurants in this sickness. Papaya can be had by traditional buyers closer to NCR.

What are the chances that we were looking for a particular dragonfruit farmer in Barangay Galintuja, we found Papaya farmers in Detailen? Fate siguro. They say they bless the day they met us. We say no speak too soon, we’re going to TRY to help, that is all. We shall start with these 200 kilos we loaded in the pickup.

DETAILEN PAPAYA RESCUE BUY. We are seeking support for the Papaya farmers of Detailen. We’ll price it so low so we can make an impact–P320 for 10 kilos! Steal!

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