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As the Paniqui PAPAYAS started to ripen one by one in the homes of members who were able to get some, rave review have started to come in. This is one of them. We are happy to tell you that we are bale to get 500 kilos more, and if you would like to get some too, you are most welcome.

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A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT. There’s a RED LADY PAPAYA farm in Paniqui, Tarlac that is blessed by Mother Nature with the super abundance of water. There’s so of it flowing from the ground that all the farmer had to do was dig gullies and plant his Papayas around them. It looks like a marsh. What a dream, to give your plants the optimum conditions to bring out the best fruit in the world. We are getting our first order of Papayas from this farm on Monday. We’ll start with a few kilos, just enough for a few members to get a little and enjoy very much. Our confidence and expectations for these Papayas, they are very high.















































PAPAYA GROUP BUY. We are looking for a few members to participate in a Group Buy for Red Lady Papayas in Tarlac. If you give P550, we shall give you 10 kilos of Papayas. The Papayas will be “silay” which means they have shown some orange and it’s up to you to decide when you’d like to enjoy them.

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