THIS IS THE MUCH-AWAITED. Every year, RuRi puts together a variety of rare or special fruits and vegetables from the farmers we’re helping all over Luzon. We’ll use a reusable, squish-proof tampipi, a gift for the most special person in the family on her special day. This is the MOTHER’S DAY TAMPIPI from Rural Rising, a celebration of love for all mothers out there.

The tampipis are specially made to our specifications by the pandan leaf weavers of Luisiana, Laguna. Their contents, it makes us smile at the thought of them making you happy. The three pièce de résistance is the MeRuRi Jar Trifecta — Lisbon Lemon Lemon, Mountain Yoghurt and No-Label Strawberry Jam (NLSJ), they’re in there! Along with Fresh Lisbon Lemons, Fresh Jumbo Strawberries. There will be a few surprise items in there too, we won’t tell you.

This Mother’s Day Tampipi honors RuRi moms but it also honors RuRi farmer women. They’ll get a special gift from you with every Mothers Day Tampipi purchased. It’s P2,199 per Mother’s Day Tampipi, it’s not a splurge, it’s well-deserved.

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goh-tampipi, goh-bayong


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