MIDNIGHT LEMON SALE. We’re going to dive the price tonight to just P199 for 5 kilos. Take as much as you can. Only for tonight ito. Delivery will be next week, again, delivery will be next week. Click here if you want to avail of this extraordinary deal ___

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HINAGPIS SA LEMON. Last year, we held hands with LEMON farmers. Taking more than we can possibly sell, we gave them away. So other buyers would come to their place, KBYN Noli de Castro featured our effort to help farmers. But sadly, It was a case of too little, too late. We came in towards the end of the Lemon season when so much had already been dumped or sold for a pittance to middlemen, the farmers were not able to recover their cost to grow..?We vowed to our farmers that the next season would be different, that we would be there for them. This is us keeping our promise.

LEMON RESCUE BUY. We are humbly seeking support for our Lemon farmers in Tuba, Benguet. We would like to get as many lemons as we can at the best price we can give. 5 kilos, just P199! Super steal.

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