A few weeks ago, we all took a leap on rare Mountain Province NATIVE CHERRY (MANZANITAS) and inadvertently broke our hearts. The farmers were not able to to deliver the Native Cherry and we ended up refunding excited members. This time, totoo na ito. I am looking at the actual NATIVE CHERRIES the farmers said they will deliver to us, I am looking at videos of the actual picking. Here they are.

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FROM ANDIE’S PHONE. Forty kilos of MANZANITAS are 99% sure to arrive tomorrow. There’s a 1% chance that something untoward can happen and they won’t arrive, this is why the farmer is making sure to manage my expectations. How cute. Let’s take a leap of faith on these Sagada farmers and believe that they will deliver.

(RARE!) FRESH NATIVE CHERRY SNAP BUY. We are happy to offer to 19 members a special combination of freshly-picked Native Cherries and one bottle of farmer-made Manzanita Jam. If you give P1,299, one lot is yours. Only 19 members can avail. First come, first happy

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