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TWENTY-ONE BALLOONS. When I was a teen, which means that was ancient history, I read du Bois’ American children’s literature story entitled The Twenty-One Balloons. It’s about a retired school teacher who travelled in a balloon…that was shot down over an island…that he discovered was filled with diamond boulders and rocks and pebbles..that he immediately started stuffing his pockets with the smaller diamonds…that he realized that if went back to civilization with such wealth..that the world diamond market would collapse..that he would be the owner of so much broken glass.

When we discovered a barangay in Sariaya, Quezon province that is filled with so many MANSANITAS (LOCAL CHERRY) trees…that we’re taking as much of that wealth of the land as we can…so…that you will be happy.

SNAP BUY: MANSANITAS We are looking for Rural Rising members who will support a trip to Sariaya, Quezon province with P501. When we return, your share will be 2 kilos of Manzanitas. FMs who support this will get 2.5 kilos.

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