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LUHA NI KUYA SA LUYA. Our heart goes out to this LUYA farmer, Cito Benito who was the victim of an unscrupulous trader. You can hear the story for yourself in the video below, The gist is that he entrusted his harvest in good faith to a supposed buyer and lost a third of it. The woman is nowhere to be found and this poor farmer is visibly distressed. Please can we take Kuya Cito’s Luya and give him a little bit higher price so he can recover. Ten pesos more sana. We told him we are not sure how much our group can absorb. Andie and I are hoping that it would be a lot, if the Fates are kind, we can take everything. We have never done Luya ever, so for the price and for the reason why we are doing it, this makes us very hopeful.
SO YOU SEE. Here is what the Luya looks like when harvested, and in the sacks.

RESCUE BUY. We are hoping to help a distressed Kuya farmer with his Luya. If you support this effort with P325, your share shall be 5 kilos of first-class Luya.

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