GINGER HUNGER GAMES. Not only tomatoes but the situation of our Ginger farmers in Nueva Vizcaya, my goodness. No, we have not seen mounds of Ginger abandoned by the side of the road but what we saw is almost like that. The farmers here are selling their Ginger for as low as 8 kilos for P100. That’s P12.50 per kilo. It starts at 3 kilos/P100 in the town of Aritao and the farther you drive away, it gets cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. You see the pricing going down—4kg/P100, 5kg/P100, 6kg. It’s like a countdown to the desperation of our poor farmers. We saw P7/kg, and just when we thought it could not get any lower, we saw a stall selling it for 8. We know that the cost to grow is P30/kg, what a pitiful situation. After seeing a sign that read “8 kilos P100”, I stopped looking. I found myself pressing harder on the accelerator, ignoring all succeeding stalls. I was afraid to see 9 kilos, or 10, or FREE. Magugutom na ang mga farmers natin, hindi na biro, hindi na laro ito.

RuRi, this is what we want to do, let us be one in this. We want to send Beto (the Better World rescue truck) to the town of Aritao in Nueva Vizcaya, and we’ll fill it with as much Ginger as it can hold. Susuyurin natin ang mga stall na ito at bibilhin natin ang kaya natin. RuRi, we need your help on this. Will you take 4 kilos of Ginger, give us P150 to give them?

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