BETTERED WATER. When people come to RuRi House, the drink we serve is LISBON LEMON JUICE. There’s quite a ceremony involved in it. First we tell them that the Lisbon Lemon is available only at RuRi and that it is seedless. Then we put out cold bottled water and ask each guest to take a mouthful of water to make space in the bottle. We pour in the Lisbon Lemon juice concentrate, ask them to put the caps back on, and shake, shake, shake. We tell them to take the first sip and we wait for the surprised reactions. Experiental, this is what these lemons are.

For the first time ever, we are offering READY-TO-DRINK Lisbon Lemon JUICE. 30 packs, 24 bottles per pack, P750 per pack. You can still tell people what Lisbon Lemons are after they make their surprised reaction. Special, this is what this juice is.

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