LASONA BATCH # 1. We’re going back to Ilocos Sur to get some LASONA. We’re not sure if there’s 100 kilos or 1,000. This is Batch # 1. The plan is for the truck to visit our Lasona farmers, among them Sofia of Santa, and buy what they have.

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“WALA KAMING PAGASA MABENTA ANG PRODUKTO NAMIN”. We hope our group can help in this farmer family’s desperate situation. The traditional buyers, those who pay a measly P7/kilo, have stopped buying. There is just too much Lasona in the market. Even that meager opportunity, which will not pay for the fertilizer bought and the fertilizer needed for the next crop, is closed to them. Neither can these farmers bring their Lasona to sell in the local market. That option is closed to them too. They need business permits they cannot get, they need to anti-gen test kit they cannot afford or have access to. There is no testing center in Santa, and they have been restricted from going to the next town, because they need anti-gen tests to pass the the military checkpoint. They are prisoners in their own town, they are locked inside a cage of despair! You can feel it, she wants to cry out loud to the heavens, she can only laugh, and that laugh is the saddest laugh you will ever see or hear. Her husband looks utterly powerless beside her, he cannot even walk because of an affliction. What do you do if everything is closed to you—you cry, you laugh, you beg, you hope.

LASONA SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for 100 kilos of a farmer’s LASONA onions. If you give P499, your share will be one bag or bundle, approximately 2.5 to 3 kilos

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