We are going to get LAGKITAN BANANAS again from Ibajay, Aklan. The last attempt to help our farmers there are a fail. It was the weather. A storm came in and the Coast Guard canceled passage of ships. The bananas were actually required to be offloaded in Caticlan and to be loaded again when the coast was literally clear. It took the Lagkitans five days to finally get to us and by that time talagang naglalagkit na sila. This is the picture. We gave the farmer some money anyway and waived what we sent for shipping. We’re also going to try again. This is how the sad old LAGKITAN Bananas looked. The ones you will get will be much more lovely.

LAGKITAN BANANAS— P399 for 4 kilos
Helps Ibajay, Aklan farmers

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Weight 4 kg


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