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WHO LABS LABONG? We found grove upon grove of Kiling variety bamboo trees in Brgy. Gibanga, Sariaya, Quezon. The farmers there are willing to give us LABONG (Young Bamboo Shoots). Ordinarily they won’t part with the Labongs, they let them grow up to become more useful trees for housing and fencing. There’s enough bamboo in this place for that, and for us. If you enjoy Labong in its many cooked iterations—Ginataan, Adobo, Dinendeng or my personal favorite, Atsara—this is for you. Ordinarily, you can get Labong either minced and bagged from a public market or imported and canned from a high-end grocery. What we have here are the Labong in its NATURALLY PACKAGED form. Chopped at the base with a bolo, outer leaves left in place, sacked. The next time these Labongs will see sunlight is when we unload them at RuRi House. It does not get any better than this but we will, the price will be ₱110 per piece (2 kilos or more in weight). That’s an extremely good deal.

LABONG SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for the farmers of Gibanga, Sariaya, Quezon for 63 pieces of freshly-harvested Labong. If you give ₱110, your share shall be 1 whole piece. Steal! Please consider getting 2 pieces.

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