GREAT PUMPKIN SALE. Some PUMPKINS arrived from Licab, Neuva Ecija. Happy to let our members have it for a good price. It’s P400 for 10 kilos. P40 per kilo, that’s a terrific price. All of it goes to our farmers there, specially Mang Pintoy. Please will you take some?

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KALABASA NG PAGASA. You show never have to hear a farmer say these words in order to sell his harvest. “Hingi po kami ng konting tulong, sir…Parang awa ninyo na, sir…Para makabawi man lang ng konti, sir.” But the gentle Manong Pintoy, a kalabasa farmer in Licab, Nueva Ecija, said it and it is heart-breaking to hear it, heartbreaking to see how little this man has in the world and it is invested in this pitiful pile of pumpkins. When Pintoy was expecting 37,500 kilos of produce from two small fields this season, torrential rains have destroyed it all except 1,700 kilos. 5%, for all the capital and work and hopes and expectations, just 5%. This poor, poor man! It makes us want to be angry, it makes us want to cry. Pag hindi tayo tumulong, pag hindi tayo naawa, he will bring his produce to a market where the middleman prices are cheap. He would get next to nothing. There will be no next planting for Mang Pintoy unless he is LUCKY TO GET INTO DEBT for seeds, irrigation, grass killer liquid and fertilizer. Even with that, with this economic and health situation, there is no surety that the next harvest will be any better than this miserable one. What a truly hopeless situation our farmers are in. Sino tutu long sa kanila ng pang-matagalan? Sino lalapitan nila kung hindi na rin natin kaya? Please group, we would like to ask you to give Mang Pintoy a good price for his Kalabasa. Hingi po kami ng konting tulogn para sa kanila.

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