Our first ever Guimaras Cornucopia.

GIMME GUIMARAS. We cast our eyes across the sea to help the gentle Ilonggo farmers of Guimaras Island. Their word class GUIMARAS MANGO plus three other produce that grows equally well in the potassium-rich soil of the island. GUIMARAS AVOCADOES, we’ve already taken to fantastic reviews from many members. We’ll post social proof later. Bet you’ve never heard, much less had the chance to enjoy GUIMARAS SANTOL, it’s in there. Finally, a root crop, GUIMARAS CASSAVA. Let’s call this the GUIMARAS CORNUCOPIA. How absolutely delighted, how excited.

SNAP BUY GUIMARAS CORNUCOPIA. 300 kilos of each kind only, 4 kilos per lot. P599

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