RARE KAINGIN ORGANIC BLACK RICE. This woman and her husband came knocking so early in the morning. They had with them a sack of “Galo” a prized black rice that is oh-so-elusive for us to find. We are living in the middle of the rice bowl of the Philippines, and we could not find it. Talk about your quarry coming to you, this is exactly what this is. Galo is grown in kaingin (slash-and-burn) plots on remote mountainsides, which accounts for the black color. This particular Galo came from the slopes of Mt. Tapao, in Dingalan, Aurora. We were looking in the wrong places! The rocky mountain soil is not plowed but poked with a stick, and the Galo grows alongside natural vegetation, which accounts for the pandan-y smell when you cook it. We had Thea, that’s her name, leave this sack of rice with us so we can cook some for breakfast. Taste before you buy, but already it’s looking like we have a winner. While the Galo is cooking, I’ll put this link out for you. After breakfast, we shall travel to Mt. Tapao to see the farm and load the last few sacks of this. First come, first very happy. Galo morning to everyone.

SO YOU SEE: This is the extent of my conversation with Thea and her husband.

GALO ORGANIC RICE SNAP BUY. We are looking for 50 Rural Rising members to buy 3 kilos of rare Galo Organic Black Rice, pay P600.

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