NO ECHAGUE-RATION. By God’s grace, we are successfully hauling tons of Mangoes out of Isabela, out of harms way. Going around to identify farmers that need helping, we discovered farms overflowing with PINEAPPLES AND BANANAS — we’re not exaggerating. The Pineapple is a good kind, the Hawaiian Cayenne variety, large and sweet. The Bananas are the finger-sized Senorita ones and some sweet Saba. We’ll try to help with these too, pineapples and Siguro let’s call this the ECHAGUE CORNUCOPIA, and we’re calling on @everyone to help out. It’s P204 lang, almost the same price as the Mangoes, get 4 kilos of mixed kilos na. Please click here __

ECHAGUE CORNUCOPIA — P220 for 4 kilos
Helps Echague, Isabela farmers

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