These are the last of the Storm Dragons, plus a few kilos here and there that we picked up along the way on that long stretch of road inside Fort Magsaysay until Laur. Just P599 for 4 kilos. We have a few kilos left over.

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STORM DRAGONS. Please do not let the balat fool you. These are LAUR ORGANIC DRAGONFRUITS, lashed by the winds and rains of two storms, #TyphoonEgay and #TyphoonGoring. They even look like the images of the storm on the Doppler radar. They say that what will not kill you will make you sweeter, and so it is with these Dragonfruits. We had the farmers slice one of them open, and they look perfectly fine. We had him taste and he said “matamis po”. Allow us to make you a sweet deal: if these Dragonfruits are not sweet, we shall send you a bottle of honey free. Are you willing to make us a deal in return: if they are sweet as the farmer claims, can you say he is saying the truth?

Back read the story:
LAUR ORGANIC DRAGONFRUIT. Grown in a well run farm with lots of water, sunshine and organic fertilizer. It’s P599 for 4 kilos.

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