END OF SEASON WITH NO END. We honestly don’t know what is happening. The farmer said two weeks ago that the Dragonfruit with Warranty is out of season. You have seen it yourself, the text she sent saying something like “this will be the last”. But three times now, she has been offering Dragonfruits. Sometimes 50 kilos, two days late 65 kilos, and last week it was 140 kilos. Not that we are complaining, a lot of members still want these. Dragonfruits with Warranty, the sweetest dragonfruits we and you have ever tasted. We shall keep taking, we shall keep taking yes until there is (really) no more.

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FINAL HARVEST: DRAGONFRUITS WITH WARRANTY. We’re wrapping up a most successful Dragonfruit season. These are the last Dragonfruits coming out of our preferred farm in Gen. Tinio, Nueva Ecija. What a season it was! More that 2 tons of Dragonfruits came out of that farm and the only complaints we had were not about sweetness. The secret is in a proprietary fertilizer cocktail that they put on the plants. Part organic, part chemical, it creates a Dragonfruit with a refreshing sweetness that we’ve found no equal to. This chemical, they said, has become 30% more expensive this year, which probably explains why most farmers don’t use it and merely leave the dragonfruits to chance. That scientific approach and the fact they this farmer picks the Dragonfruit only when it is red on the branch means we are able to give you a Dragonfruit with no equal, and with a warranty even. Buy with confidence and enjoy to your full satisfaction.

SNAP BUY DRAGONFRUITS WITH WARRANTY. P1,000 for 4 kilos. If these Dragonfruits are not sweet, we shall replace them. 96 kilos available. Only 24 members can avail.

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