MATAMIS SOTTO SPEAK. Ali Sotto posted this cute video about the Dragonfruits with Warranty. Her facial expression and that of her husband when the Dragonfruits touch their tongues, it’s all you need to see and know about these Dragonfruits. Honestly we could get Dragonfruits from other farmers, especially in Aurora province—and get them cheaper too. But it’s just not the same. It’s just colored matter with no sweetness, nothing more than mouthfuls that fill you up with no enjoyment. When it comes to Dragonfruits, we shall get them only from young couple, Jeff and Emy. This is the only Dragonfruit we shall give to Ali and to you. We are so confident that they will please you as they did Ally and her husband that if they do not, you may return them immediately for a replacement.

Back read the story:

What is the story of these dragonfruits? Why do they need rescuing? Aren’t most dragonfruit growers well off? The truth is that in this pandemic, everyone needs help, and not just the poorest farmers. This young couple, Jeff and Emy who we are helping in Nueva Ecija, they need as much help as everyone else. They quit their jobs and invested their entire family savings on their “dream of the dragon fruit”. We all have a dream like that, and when we saw their farm, to be honest we were a little envious. It was created with so much passion and thought…and “last hope” money. 2M sunk in two hectares, it shows. We’re talking not just about proper concrete posts for the plants to climb but an irrigation/drainage system, lawn mower paths and even rabbits as the source for “cold” organic fertiliser. These beautiful dragonfruits, this is their first harvest ever. The money from these dragonfruits is supposed to start paying for the debt, the bills, and the upkeep of three farm worker families they have taken in to help tend the farm. So what’s the problem? The buyers they were expecting this August, when the dragon fruits came off the plant, they’re gone. COVID, of course and the ones that do come, “Halos hingiin na lang nila”, says Emy. The few retail sales they make to neighbors, same thing. Suddenly these dragonfruits represent ruin and sadness for Jeff and Emy. When we ca me last Friday, they did not know where to begin to express how happy they felt. We offered to buy everything for the price they need to sell. Everyone does need help, and we were happy to give it.

SNAP BUY: DRAGONFRUITS WITH WARRANTY. We are looking for Rural Rising members who would support our next buy from Gen. Tinio, Nueva Ecija. Pay P999, get 5 kilos of Dragonfruits with Warranty. Founder members get 5.5 kilos.

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