KIDNEY CRATE HOPE. We’re making our first effort, hopefully not the last, for indigent patients with chronic kidney disease at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI). One month since we received their request letter for fruits and vegetables (attached), we have not have been able to take action. So many BAYCs and pressing concerns, our life at RuRi is a chronically busy one (no pun intended).

Get a Kidney Crate Hope, 10 kilos in weight, for P1,200, inside will be a wide variety of kidney-friendly vegetables. In connection with your purchase, we shall donate a second crate with specific vegetables that will help the hopeful patients at NKTI.

KIDNEY CRATE HOPE. We’re looking for Rural Rising members to buy a special Crate Hope that will cause a donation of a second one to grateful NKTI patients.

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