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CHAMPURADO APRUBADO. “Champurrado” came to the Philippines via the Spanish Galleon Trade between Manila and Acapulco, Mexico. The original Mexican version called for ground chocolate and masa harina (corn flour). Filipinos improved it what is available locally, and that is sticky rice. It’s been loved by generations, a simple recipe passed on from mother to daughter, through the centuries. And who does not love CHAMPORADO? Hot or cold, it is the breakfast or snack of champions. It’s the ultimate comfort food, whether one is in the peak of physical health or in the doldrums of emotional despair. We’d like to improve the Champorado even further by offering a RURI CHAMPORADO PACKAGE. Champorado so good, even your great, great grandmother would approve. 

What is it? It’s four of our best RuRi products. There’s Balatinaw Black Heirloom Rice from Sagada, Mt. Province—none better— cooked in Mang Juanito’s Panggalatok Tablea to San Jacinto, Pangasinan. For a salty contrast, a bottle of the incomparable Spicy Gourmet Tuyo from our fishermen of Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte. For sprinkling on top, Linuklokot mountain sugar from Besao, Mt. Province. All this for P470, how about that?

RURI CHAMPORADO PACKAGE: We are looking for Rural Rising members to buy a Champorado Package (Spicy Edition) to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and to lift up the spirits of local farmers. 

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