One of the must-try items on Hill Station Baguio’s menu is a bowl of ADLAI CHAMPORADO. Here is how it looks. It’s not so much for the excellent ambiance that lends particular enjoyment to this soul food but more the relative rarity of the ingredients. Adlai and tablea chocolate, where do you get that at a regular grocery? Where do you find that at any other restaurant?

This effort gives you the two items you need to make your own Adlai Champorado, your own soul food. The ADLAI is grown by a farmer named Manny Via in Nasugbu, Batangas. The TABLEA? That comes from the trees nurtured by Juanito Cayabayab, an elderly farmer from San Jacinto, Pangasinan. Your bowl of Adlai Champorado is helping these two farmers directly.

SO YOU SEE. This is where we source our Adlai and Tablea.

ADLAI CHAMPORADO SNAP BUY. First members to say “MINE!” gets it. The goods are 2 kilos of Adlai and 8 pieces of Tablea.

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