CAULI MAYBE. A farmer’s wife from Kabayan, Benguet sent this cry for help. The broken English and the voice would not move you as much as a plaintive cry for help. But the message is clear—the family has cauliflower in the field and the woman of the house will do what is needed to get it sold. The English is what it is and we actually find it a refreshing departure from familiar shyness and/or reticence of Igorot men to ask for help. If you are a woman of the house, you would do the same. If you were us, you would do the same. We’ll take 500 kilos and help her. If you love cauliflower rice as much as we do, you know we are helping ourselves as well too.

CAULIFLOWER RESCUE BUY. 10 kilos of first class Cauliflower, pay only P498.

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