Kasing sarap ng Bintong, kasing kulay ng carrot, kasing mura ng kalabasa.

KAMOTE NA MUKHANG CARROT. The very first time we got to taste these CARROT KAMOTES, it was during the 2019 mayoralty race in Baguio. If you came to the campaign headquarters of one candidate, these Kamotes were served to everyone who came, wether they came to well-wish or pry. Rich orange, like a carrot, and matamis — napakatamis. The Ibalois have a fine word to describe it: “najusan” which means “sweet mouthful”. They advise to leave the unwashed kamote in open air for a full week before cooking. Cooking is simple dry-boiling — a little water and a dash of salt. This is the perfect kamote, one to rival the Bintong. Our source is a family of farmers from Barangay Lusod in Kabayan, Benguet. The place is so remote that it takes 3 hours to get to the main town itself, not to mention another 3 hours to Baguio. It is not easy to get but the best things in the world hardly are.

CARROTE (Carrot Kamote) — P399 for 3 kilos
Helps Kabayan, Benguet farmers
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CARROTE SNAP BUY. We are seeking your kind support for the Carrot Kamotes of Baramgay Lusod. We hope for this to be a strong campaign

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