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CALAMANSI RESCUE BUY PART 2. After our (too) successful forays into Nueva Ecija — we’ve run out of calamansi twice—we thought we would go on with life and do other campaigns. How wrong we were. Today, on the first day of a successful new campaign helping the wombok farmers of Benguet, we received a most pressing plea for help from the farmers of Brgy. Bangos, Aurora town, in the province of Isabela.

We cannot say NO to them, we do not want to, because:

1. It is in our power to help them. We have a group that is quite calamansi crazy. We have access to trucks that could haul them to Quezon City, no problem.
2. The calamansi is of very good quality. They were previously earmarked to go to a manufacturer of condiments with ISO standards for the calamansi.

We shall not identify this well-known condiment factory but boo, it did this. So what happened was factory was set to receive a large cargo of calamansi from a sea vessel travelling from Mindoro. For reasons unknown, the ship got delayed somewhere thus putting the factory’s toyomansi manufacturing schedule in jeopardy. Factory makes an emergency purchase from an eager group of farmers in Isabela. All is good, the calamansi was ready, until the ship managed to get unstuck and arrive within schedule anyway. Factory cancels the order with the farmers and accepts the cargo from the ship. Farmers are left holding the bag—7 tons worth!

The verbal and SMS pleas had so many “pleases” and a “maawa na po kayo” that we just have to help them—never mind that we swore off calamansi after the difficulties of the last rescue. Perhaps this is the universe rewarding us (mukha namang madali) or the universe punishing us (we have two campaigns, wombok and papaya) ongoing!)

Kailangan natin sila tulungan!

COURAGE, this is what this is for me and Andie. Gusto niyo pa ba ng calamansi? We are going to say yes without waiting for an answer. We’ll be fine. We have always been fine. What we cannot sell, we shall donate. Everyone needs vitamin C these days, especially the poorest of our kababayans.

And STRENGTH, reaching deep for reserves of physical strength. Three Rescue Buys happening now—Wombok (Benguet), Papaya (Quezon) and now Calamansi (Isabela)—and a half, studying arrangements how to help the kamote farmers of Bataan.

TIME. It is of the essence, we need to bring the calamansi to Ruri House immediately lest they spoil na. These are the actual calamansi.

PLEASE dearest members of Rural Rising, if you are you really friends to us, will you squeeze more calamansi this week into your drinks or muffins? This is an EMERGENCY RESCUE BUY. The group is saving the farmers of Aurora, Isabela from a very bad situation.

Pay 750 to participate in this Rescue Buy. Get a very heavy bag of calamansi, a full 20 kilos inside, as your share.



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