CALAMANSI RESCUE BUY. The CALAMANSI farmers of Brgy. Pancecien, Aurora, Isabela have been calling us with increasing frequency and urgency. Apparently they are having difficulty finding enough buyers for their Calamansi and hope we can help them again. Shall we try?

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PASENCIA NA, PANECIEN DIN, We are hoping to catch as much as we can of the group’s residual compassion for the farmers of Benguet and bring it to Brgy. Panecien in Aurora, Isabela. Pacencia na ha? They need our help there too. This time it’s not strawberries and cauliflower, but CALAMANSI. If you joined RuRi last year, you would remember the Calamansi Rescue Buy we did in that town. We helped the of Brgy. Bagnos with a 7-ton problem—that many tons of Calamansis ordered and then abruptly cancelled by a well-known “toyomansi” company. Magaling, di ba? This time, we are going across the river to help the farmer of Brgy. Panecien. Allow us to share videos of these farmers floating their produce to town on the swollen Magat River in improvised boats in search of buyers. These days, they have to float further away, to Kalabasa to do that. With the main harvest coming in and much more Calamansis for the same number of infrequent buyers, they could very well float to Timbuktu and accomplish only the same thing. Pacencia na, we do not mean to bring these sad stories to you all the time. Can some of us help there too?
These are the farmers we are helping. They are from Brgy. Panecien, Aurora, Isabela.

CALAMANSI RESCUE BUY. We are looking for a few Rural Rising members to support a trip to Isabela with P599. Your share for doing so, when the truck gets back, is one big bag of freshly-picked Calamansi, 20 kilos inside.

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