CALAMANSI URGENCY. We are once again seeking support for our Aurora farmers who were in such distress the last time. How painful that was, to cross their Calamansi on water and the length and breadth of Luzon, only to r canceled on by a bogus buyer. If you give P499, you shall get 10 kilos.

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I woke up this morning to missed calls from our CALAMANSI farmers in Aurora, Isabela., Their buyer in Bulacan, a calamansi “pigaan” canceled on them today. The farmers were forced to proceed to Balintawak market where they managed to sell some of their Calamansi, but for very cheap. Some 50 bags or about 1,000 kilos they are at wits end what to do with. This is what the Calamansi looks like, they’re in a Kadiwa truck parked somewhere in Bonifacio. Please I know it’s early but will you particpate in a rescue effort for these Calamansi so our farmers can go home to Aurora already?

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