We’re dedicating this CABBAGE effort to Manong Ancelmo Belao and his son Russel of Ballay, Kabayan, Benguet. On the road to Nueva Vizcaya Agricultural Terminal (NVAT), their heavily-laden truck overturned as they swerved to avoid a careening passenger van. Thank goodness father and son came out of the accident without injuries but their cabbages are another matter. First, they had to pay Five Thousand Pesos to have bystanders who righted their truck. Second, when they finally limped into the NVAT compound, night has fallen and the trucks that were supposed to take the Cabbages to Manila could not wait, they were long gone. To travel so far, to meet misfortune, to get nothing. Cabbages are gone now, we learned too late of their dilemma. It’s not too late however for us to help. We are dedicating this effort to the Belaos as we help other Cabbage farmers from their town. They’ll receive Five Thousand Pesos from Rural Rising, and they don’t need to give us any cabbages, that’s what we’ll do.

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CABBAGE RESCUE BUY. We are seeking support for one ton of Rescue Cabbages. The Cabbages will be GREEN, FRESH and UNPEELED (may pakpak pa). The amount to participate in this helping effort is P299, and your share is 5 kilos. Please help

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