REPOLYO NG PULAG. During our trip to Nueva Viscaya, we met some CABBAGE (REPOLYO) farmers from Mt. Pulag who said they have a harvest coming up in one week’s time. That trip was last week, the Cabbage is today. They said it’s 4 tons, they have 6. The Cabbage have wings as a testament to their freshness, but with prices so low they do not fly out of the truck. In two days time, perhaps as soon as tomorrow afternoon, the farmers will start peeling of the wings. Green cabbage turns to white, this is what’s going to happen. Everyone who lends a hand in this effort gets a FREE KILO OF KAMATIS from the town of Dupax Norte, Nueva Vizcaya. This is where we found the mounds of tomatoes we found dumped by the side of the road, we are helping them too.

Regarding the video we posted about that, some members are asking if the farmers must really throw, if they are not just being lazy to find donees, why don’t they process? That’s a really good suggestion but it’s really easier said that done because at the end of the day, it’s still a problem of marketing.

BOGO MT. PULAG CABBAGE AND DUPAX TOMATOES. We’re going to run this link for two hours and everyone who participates gets a great price. It’s P299 for 5 kilos + 1 kilo of Kamatis. Steal!

MT. PULAG CABBAGE + DUPAX KAMATIS. We are seeking your kind support for a Cabbage and Tomato Rescue Buy. If you give P299, your share shall be 5 kilos of Cabbage and 1 kilo of kamatis.

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