BROCCOWHEE. The Broccoli Snap Buy whizzed by so fast before many members realized it. Someone paused to ask a question and by the time she returned to the link, it has expired. Do not hesitate. Here it is again, 300 kilos. Dark green florets. Leaves are rolled. The Broccoli is being harvested now, will make its way to Manila tonight. Dispatch tomorrow. @everyone please let’s give our farmers P399 for 4 kilos. Click here __

BROC AND ROLL. The village of Gusaran has come together to bring in a neighbor’s field of BROCCOLI. When Andie and I went there, we gave them a market that would give them a good price, that’s us of course. P349 for 4 kilos, can we give these fathers that? That’s a good price for you as well? Rolling the Broccoli leaves around the flowers protects them during the long trip from Kabayan, Benguet. Here are your farmers, these are your Broccoli.

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