MAY GULAY NA ULIT ANG AMGALEYGUEY. Remember that distressed Broccoli farmer that we helped a few months back? He’s back and he’s asking for help with his Broccoli. We said that we would help. How much broccoli we would take, it actually depends on how many members order now, that’s how many kilos we are going to take from him. Will you us help him?

MAY GULAY ANG AMGALEYGUEY. Next week, we are taking the group to Buguias, Benguet, to a barangay called Amgaleyguey. Tinatapon lang nila ang gulay doon. Yesterday, the Broccoli farmers sent us these pictures, a truckful of Broccoli that found no buyers at the Vegetable Trading Post. The produce was returned to Amgaleyguey to be discarded, doing no good except to the worms crawling underfoot. Andie and I are sad that we were unable to help. They contacted us too late in the week and by that time we have already committed the group to the Wombok Rescue effort. It’s really an awful disconnect that the price of Broccoli is sky-high in Manila while the farmers in our home province are throwing away Broccoli for lack of buyers—and that their best hope is a truck that has already left for Manila. Our truck. We are hopeful that with 19,000 members in our group, some must like Broccoli, and some, surely some, would like to help ease the burden of farmers such as these.

BROCCOLI RESCUE BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members who would like to support a trip to Buguias, Benguet to help a farmer with Broccoli. We need you to support with P650 and in exchange you’ll get 5 kilos of freshly-harvested, rolled broccoli.

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