MIDNIGHT BROCCOLI QUICKIE. I believe now that Padre Pio was looking out for the farmers today, even if he is not the patron saint of farmers. 400 kilos of Broccoli moved in one hour despite the bare and basic writeup that I managed to bang out on my phone during stop-and-go EDSA traffic. Yes, I was not supposed to be texting and driving, but I believe Padre Pio was looking out for me too. A farmer for 200 kilos and another for another 200 kilos, they had their prayers answered, their price paid. The Broccoli is more than beautiful, look at this. As I write this, they’re more than midway now to RuRi House. Dispatch tomorrow ha? We shall announce.

For those of you who did not make the cut, for those who went “Waah!”, for those of you who still happen to be up, AND ONLY IF YOU ARE WILLING TO WAIT, we have some 400 kilos more arriving on the OVERMORROW (January 24, 2023).

This is today’s Broccoli, see how very lovely. Now you can understand why 400 kilos got sold out so very quickly. Lucky, this is your chance to get yours __

MIDNIGHT BROCCOLI QUICKIE. Another 500 kilos. Dark green florets. Untrimmed, uncut. To be harvested tomorrow morning (January 23, 2023). Dispatch will be on January 24, 2023 (Tuesday). Only for those willing to wait, the price if P599 for 5 kilos. Only for tonight. Steal!

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