These are the four items that would make you a “BREAKFAST FOR CHAMPIONS (BFC)”. SALTED EGGS (half a dozen), GOURMET TUYO (one bottle), COFFEE (250g Arabica, beans) and LINUKLUKOT SUGAR (1 kg). The eggs are from Bulacan, the Tuyo from Dipolog, the Coffee from Kabayan and the Linuklukot from Penarubia. To all these farmers (and fisherfolk) we shall give all of the proceeds realized from this. We’ll give you some extra produce on top of this.

This is the story of the LINUKLUKOT:
HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF LINUKLOKOT? We all know that the country’s best coffee comes from the Cordilleras, but sugar too? Until recently we did even not know that sugarcane is able to grow this high up in the mountains. Blame it on our recent foray into making strawberry jam and helping a farmer sell 20 kilos of coffee that her buyer bailed out on, we know now. We’ve managed to corner a few dozen kilos of what is called “linuklokot” or “mountain muscovado“ and it is delicious! It has made all the difference in the jams we are making and the coffee we are drinking. The harvest is very small and grown only once a year in order for what little arable land there is to be devoted to more staple food like rice and kamote. The Linuklokot is consumed almost entirely locally with only a very small surplus. We have several sacks on hand, and we are willing to share some of it with you. More importantly, we would like to share how beautiful the story of Linuklokot is. When a farmer’s harvest comes due, the community comes out to help in a manual, labor-intensive process. Crushing, shredding, clarifying, filtering, boiling, crystallising, centrifuging, drying, and finally packaging, everyone gives a share of himself and takes a little for himself. The same farmer helps his neighbour in turn, and so on. It’s true bayanihan, and you can see it in the pictures we were able to have.

BFC SNAP BUY. Just 20 lots, sorry. Just P999, thank you.

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