DIASPORA OF DIOSPYROS NIGRA. A few months ago, I watched a YouTube video of Emmymade eating a BLACK ZAPOTE fruit. She was talking and ohh-wowing so much about how it tastes like chocolate pudding. That got me so intrigued that I even told Andie I would like to arrange for some seeds to be Balik Bayan Boxed to me by my sister Gina who lives in Texas. Imagine our surprised last year when we asked the farmers of Besao and Sagada to prepare Fruit Crates for us. They put in Zapotes! We have Zapotes in the Philippines. How did it happen that Zapotes grew here in the Philippines?! But why not, the black zapote is native to Mexico and our countries shared a very close history and the same tropical climate. Obviously some trees made it across through the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade and found their way into the deepest reaches of Mt. Province. The challenge here is to talk to many different tree owners, consolidate their harvest on a common date and find a way to bring them down a 15-hour journey to RuRi House.
So you see: This is what the “Chocolate Fruit” looks like. How does it taste? Like a most delicious chocolate pudding. Best served chilled. Pwede ring gaming ice cream or float.

ZAPOTE SNAP BUY. We are looking for members to support an effort to get some Zapotes in the deep North. Support with P500 and get 3 kilos. Steal!

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