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ACE OF SPUDS. This is the best potato you can ever buy. Quite rare even for RuRi. BLACK POTATOES. Sourced from the Andes mountains, grown in the Cordillera mountains, we are full of admiration for the brave young farmer who planted it. When everyone else is planting the safe and the common, he planted something different. Buy out for health, it is packed with ani-oxidants. Buy not for enjoyment. Black potatoes have a distinct nutty, earthy flavor, we enjoy it very much. One member made mash and wow! Akala mo ube halaya. Number one.

BLACK POTATO SNAP BUY. We are pleased to offer Black Potatoes after waiting for along time. Only a few members can avail. We’ll price to please — it’s P399 for 2 kilos. Precious price was P499. Save P100.

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