BIG BIGNAY SALE! The BIGNAY have arrived this morning on Pogi, our brave little provincial truck. 100 plus kilos. We have a brave man from South Gabaldon, whoever he is, to thank for braving swarms of big black ants that make their nests in the trees. Some of these ants, as you can see, have travelled with the Bignay to RuRi House. What this tells us is that the Bignay is ripe and fresh.

Back read the story:
BIGNAY BIG HEART. We sent a man to the house of a farmer whose petchay crop was destroyed by the never ending rains in Nueva Ecija. “Ala na po. Sinira na po ng ulan,” he says with resignation. “Eh yung Bugnay mo, pwede ba namin bilhin?” The farmer could not quite believe that we would be interested in the Bugnay growing over his house. A very prolific one at that. We left some money and told him we would come back when they’re a little riper and ready.

We would like to do a BIGNAY SALE for these Bignay. Get 2 kilos of Bignay for 200 pesos. If you are a Founder Member, get 2x the Bignay (!), get 4 kilos. Good while supplies last, and this will go very fast.

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