NOT ONE BATWAN BUT TWO. Our first Batwan were gathered from a forested area in the town of Ibajay, Aklan. We’re going to do Run # 2, still in Ibajay. We asked our man there to send us videos about himself, the place where he gets the Batwan, and from where he is from up a tree. “Magkwento ka,” we urged him, and he did. He took the third video from way up a Batwan tree. It makes fearful just watching it how far up he is. It’s dangerous work he says because of the way the branches grow thin and wide and we absolutely believe him. You would not get me to stand on a branch that thin if it was one foot high. Can you imagine this man doing it forty feet above rocky ground, the risks he takes to  earn some money. Back read the story:
This is a rare one indeed, we are surprised we could arrange to get this. Fruits of the BATWAN, a wild tree that grows in Aklan, a special souring agent for sinigang and paksiw. It happens to be the star ingredient in an Ilonggo dish called the KBL, short for kadyos (pigeon peas), baboy (pork) and langka (green jackfruit). Bottles of salted batwan at the center of the table is a popular appetizer. Do any of you members have memories of Batwan? Do you know what to do with it is you can get it from Rural Rising?

BATWAN AND ROVING. From our roving sourcers, direct from the farmer, all the way from Ibajay, Aklan, Batwan. Rare one indeed! We are looking for 10 RuRi Members to get 3 kilos of Batwan for P550.

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