ONCE MORE WITH PEELINGS. Living in Baguio City does not mean that the prices of vegetables are cheap. On the contrary, it is the exact opposite. Take these bananas for example. I am very surprised at how cheap we really are able to sell the CAVENDISH BANANAS directly to our members, no middleman in between, but how expensive they are at the Baguio City Public Market. I joked to Andie that for that price, we should eat the peelings too. I also told Andie that we should do a banana effort once more, so here we are.

CAVENDISH BANANAS — P220 for 4 kilos
Helps Dupax Norte, Nueva Vizcaya farmer
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ANGUISH OF CAVENDISH. Kaawa-awa talaga ang mga farmers sa unos na ito. One Dupax Norte banana farmer, his name is Efraim, did not wait for the storm to die down to check on his trees. He stood among the trees to mourn in anguish as they were falling down, to film them, to ask RuRi for help. To hear him report on what we are already seeing, to know that he was crying as he was talking, it is just so heart-breaking. Other farmers came out after the wind abated, Efraim sounds like a man witnessing his children dying.But yes, the sun does come out after a storm, and farmers do bounce back after adversity. A year after he lost his trees, his farm has recovered and is productive again.

CAVENDISH SNAP BUY. We are seeking your kind and generous help to a Cavendish banana farmer from Dupax Norte. If you send P220, you shall get 4 kilos of frehsly-harvested Cavendish bananas. Click here ___

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