SAGING THE BEST FOR LAST. In the early days of Rural Rising, a beleaguered agricultural cooperative in Magleticia, Echague, Isabela sent us a formal plea for help. It was so humbling for us. Who are we for them to think that we could be of help? At that time it was just me and Andie and our kids working from our living room in Baguio—no RuRi House yet, no RuRi group. But help we did, in the form of four Pineapple Rescue Buys in as many months. By the end of the pineapple season, we have saved about twenty tons of their pineapples. After their problem with pineapples, they came to us with had a problem with bananas. Again, we were able to bring help. If I am not mistaken, we took 3 tons of bananas, but we were not able to come back because our small group has reached it’s absorptive capacity. Magleticia is here again, the bananas are again a “problem” and the SMS below explains why. The prohibitive price of fuel is discouraging buyers from making such a long trip. For lack of buyers, the bananas will ripen and rot. What a tragedy. What can we do to prevent it? Isang truck lang po, RuRi? Can we make an effort, biyahe tayo para sa saging.

BANANA RESCUE BUY. We are looking for as many kind-hearted Rural Rising members as possible to fund a trip to Magleticia, Echague, Isabela. If you contribute P250, your share shall be 5 kilos of top-quality bananas. We shall also give bananas to your rider. We are hoping for your kind help.

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