Bago ito.

BITNONG DIPPIG BANANAS. I am sure you thought you read that as Bintong and did a double take. We’re still sourcing more of that elusive kamote. Will you settle for BITNONG BANANAS? Biting is a Barangay in Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya. These large saba bananas are called “Dippig” there. To get to the road, the farmer has to haul each bunch on his back for two hours. After that it’s a “patoke” or carabao sled like this, and then a tricycle to our Aritao buying office. Knowing that it’s been raining in Nueva Vizcaya, everything is doubly difficult. This farmer has only 200 kilos. We are not sure if we wish he had less para hindi na siya mahirapan or more para mas marami siya kitain.

BITNONG GROUP BUY. We are seeking support for 200 kilos of Bitnong Dippig Bananas. If you give P249, we shall give you five kilos. Can we give there hopeful farmers that? Click here

Everyone who supports this gets his or her name entered into a digital raffle to win TEN KILOS OF BINTONG KAMOTE, when we get some eventually.

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