BALATINAW LUGAW. A few weeks ago ESQUIRE featured an article with a mouthful of a title. “Ifugao Rice Is an Endangered Heritage Food That Could Disappear Soon”. The writer was talking about BALITANAW BLACK RICE. He got me with the opening sentence
“If you’ve ever tasted Ifugao rice, consider yourself lucky.”  We have  Balatinaw Black Rice now at RuRi House, one precious sack which we shall put on Snap Buy now. Authentic, delicious, 101%. Black lugaw? Why not? Champorado the color of the deepest night? Imagine how delicious that would anticipate?SNAP BUY BALATINAW HEIRLOOM RICE: We are looking for a few Rural Rising Members to share one sack of Balatinaw Heirloom Rice, 5 kilos per member, pay only P1,100. Founder Members shall get an extra half kilo.This is the Balitanaw rice. Isn’t it lovely to look at, much less eat?GROUP BUY: BALATINAW RICE. We are looking for RuRi Members to get 5 kilos of Heirloom Balitanaw Rice, pay only P1,200

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