SANA MA-BEAN-TA LAHAT. We’re knocking on your hearts for Carmen’s BAGUIO BEANS. She has been asking us since last week if we could take her beans. Today we have a truck coming down from Baguio to bring us the Broccoli and the Green Basket. We are hoping to load Carmen’s Beans too. She has only 200 kilos. As I am writing this I find myself praying that RuRi would give her good support so that her problem would go away, so a burden can be lifted from her shoulders.

BAGUIO BEANS RESCUE BUY. We are seeking for your kind support for Carmen, a Bean farmers from Tublay, Benguet. If you give P199, your share shall be 2 kilos of freshly-harvested Baguio Beans. Through your kindness, Carmen will be able to put her boxes on the truck tonight.

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