HAYHAY MAJAYJAY. This young mother, a fruit gatherer from Majayjay, Laguna is begging, not asking, but begging us for help with her Avocados. The forest is generous to her but the market is not. She is unable to find buyers for her avocados and she is full of desperation. Last evening she tried to make a video but the “pabahay ni mayor” or temporary quarters she and her daughter occupy is full of noisy drinking men. She tried again in the morning, these are the videos she sent. We only need 25 kilos of avocado to replace some bad avocados we got somewhere else. That’s all we need. She has around 400 kilos. In order to justify the expense to send a truck there and in order to help her at least halfway with a big problem, we need to get 200 kilos.

Who’s in for MAJAYJAY AVOCADOES? It’s P550 for 4 kilos. Mura na po ito. Makakatuong na po ito.

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