AVOCADO COULD YOU 2. More Mountain Avocados coming to us on Night Rider! They’re at Calle Uno/Rural Rising Baguio na. We’ll do an advanced Snap Buy. Ailah Marcelo will create a link saglit. Dispatch will be tomorrow.

Back read the story:
AVOCADO is a TRUST fruit. It’s one of those fruits that require you to trust the person you are buying it from, especially if you are buying it online. You can of course go to the grocery but that would mean paying too much for it. You can buy it from RuRi and you know that you are helping the farmers directly, but you will have to put out some trust. Several times now, we’ve taken avocados from lowland farms and we have had to refund our members for fruit that was picked too early that they never ripened. It’s been hit and miss. Mountain Avocados, for some reason have always been good, texture and taste, we’ve had no complaints. We like it that way, and we have very high hopes for this one. As should you, if you love avocados, I am writing this for you.

We are looking for a few Rural Rising members to buy some Mountain Avocados, pay only P500 for 4 kilos. Founder Members get 5 kilos.

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