ZUCHMARYOSEP! We have a fresh harvest if Zucchinis from that place where they call me President. An inside joke which I am sharing below. We are happy to take all they have, some 200 kilos. Even happier to give it to you for a very good price—considering the sticker shock we got when we saw how much Zucchini was selling for at a grocery story in Baguio. In Baguio! They are selling it at P380 per kilo! This piece of Zucchini Andie had in her hand, it’s P150. Zuchmaryosep talaga. Imagine how much more expensive if it is in a grocery store in NCR. We shall let you have it for the same price P420 BUT YOU GET 5 KILOS. You’re welcome.

Back read the story:

ZUCCHINI RESCUE BUY. We went out to meet with the Yakon farmers yesterday. We felt a little like celebrities there because the farmers came out to meet the “President of Rural Rising,” that’s how we were billed. “Si President, nadito na si president!” The younger children exclaimed the moment we got off the car. It was both amusing and extremely embarrassing. No one was more gleeful to meet us than one elderly woman who has been unable to recoup her capital growing her Zucchini. The reason for her difficulties is very familiar—there is not enough tourists coming to Baguio, there is very little to no demand for Zucchini. Please can we help her, she pleaded? A “president” cannot say no, so we said yes in order to preserve the awe they reserve for us in this place.

We are looking for Rural Rising members to buy Zucchini to help the farmers of Tuba, Benguet. Pay only P420 for 5 kilos. First come, first happy. Limited supply.

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