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THREE SISTERS CORN. We are taking the group to the village of Pugad Lawin, Licab, Nueva Ecija this Saturday, this time to help them with their corn. You know the story about the Native American Indians having what they call the “Three Sisters”? We told you about it. It’s beans, corn and squash, and if a village had these growing, it would never go hungry? String beans (sitaw) and squash, we have already been buying these from the village. Corn, it’s our first time to do so. The money we shall pay them for this corn (the sweet WHITE VARIETY) will allow them to seed and start the next crop of all three staples, we’ll pay them more than they need to do so.

We are looking for the support of Rural Rising members to help a village with their corn—will you give it? P450 pesos will get you 10 kilos when the truck gets back. Founder members who lead this, we shall be happy to give 12 kilos.

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