WHITE, SWEET AND WAXY CORN. Look at this white and pearly beauty. We’ve had corn of different colors — yellow, purple, magenta — but never one like this. It’s called “Pearly White Corn Waxy Queen”, of course. What a mouthful, yes?

We’re letting everyone know that on November 05, 2022, we’re going to get a truckload of these Pearly Beauties, as much as Beto can carry from Binalonan, Pangasinan. We’re also happy to let you know that November is Andie’s birthday month. In connection with this, she said she would like us to do as many BOGO’s as possible until the day comes. Guess with one, perhaps there will be a prize. Anyway, this will be our first BOGO, it’s Pearly White Corn, to honor her birthday wish.

PEARLY WHITE CORN BIRTHDAY BOGO: Buy 5 kilos of Pearly White Corn, pay only P699, get 10 kilos. Save P300.

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